Monday, September 27, 2010


We are having a baby boy!  We are super excited!  His name will be Coleman Russell Parrish.  Coleman is my mom's maiden name and Russell is Ray's dad's name.  We got to watch him move all around on the ultrasound but he did not want to give us a good picture of his face.  The ultrasound tech said he has long legs!  I'm not surprised since his dad and grandfathers do too.  I'm excited about planning and painting the nursery blue!  

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Baby Stuff!

My sister is awesome! She is older, wiser, and prettier than me.  She is my best friend.  She has a beautiful 3 year old daughter whom I absolutely love.  She recently has been getting together all of Kate's baby things for me to borrow.  She has all kinds of things that I will need.  She has given me lots of board books, infant toys, and a play mat and she has lots more for me!  I have put all our "new" stuff in the guest room (which will eventually become a nursery) and I love having baby stuff in there.  I am getting very excited as time goes on.  I feel so blessed by the generosity of my sweet sister. Thank you Laura! Now we are just waiting to see whether I will need to borrow all of Kate's clothes or go shopping for some blue things! (We find out on Monday so check back to see what the little baby is!) 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

New York (again!)

We had a wonderful time in NYC for Labor Day weekend.  My brother, Stephen, married sweet Cinelle in the Conservatory Garden in Central Park!  The weather was perfect and the ceremony was beautiful.  They incorporated traditional Filipino wedding elements into the very Christ-centered ceremony.  My niece, Kate, was one of the flower girls.  She did great, however, got very tired of being told where to stand, what to hold, and to smile smile smile. :)  It was a wonderful morning in the park watching Stephen and Cinelle begin their life together. 

Mom tied all the bow ties        

Cinelle's Family
The beautiful flower girls

The reception was later on in the evening out in Long Island at Cinelle's dad's house.  It was a beautiful backyard reception.  The details she had were gorgeous and obviously took so much time and effort.  Cinelle's family all worked so hard to make everything so wonderful for them.  They were so sweet and hospitable towards our family and we had a great time getting to know them during the weekend.  The wedding was so fun.  Lots of dancing and music.  Tons of awesome food including two roasted pigs! (I really don't eat much these days but Ray ate everything and loved it!!) They had a popcorn machine which I loved.  We ate Kate's popcorn while she was playing and needless to say she was not happy when she came looking for it.  When Laura got her some more she said, "Mom, don't eat this! I will be back." as she ran off to play with the kids.   It was a perfect reception for their personalities and I enjoyed being a part of it! Here are some highlights!

After the wedding we stayed in NYC for a few days.  It was super fun and jam packed.  We did all the New York sight seeing.  Ray carried Kate all over the city.  He was getting in all kinds of practice!  I loved seeing Marie and Geoff one more time this summer and was very sad to leave and not be able to say "see you next week." 

My summer travels were fun but we are now home and have no more travel plans anytime soon.  So here's some final shots from our last trip to NYC :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer Travels

St. John, New Brunswick

Summer is OVER! :(  I LOVE summer (mostly because I'm a teacher and I don't have to work).  BUT this summer was so busy.  I was taking my final four classes to be trained in Montessori education.  There were long days and lots of work plus a lot of morning sickness! 
But after the classes were over we were able to do all our traveling!  I was able to go to Kentucky to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousins for a few days. 
Then we hopped on a plane to NYC to get on a cruise ship that left from the city and sailed up to Canada for 5 days.  We ended the trip with a few days in New York. 
The next weekend I went on a long plane ride up to Alaska for my best friends wedding! (and seriously I did not take one picture there but it was gorgeous!)  The trips were awesome. Here are some pictures from New York / Canada. 
On the boat: New York City in the background     

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia
Our tour guide was giving us a lesson in boy and girl lobsters!
We were able to hang out with my great friend Marie and her husband Geoff in NYC.  Marie was so sweet to take me to the Friends apartment building!  We also stopped by The Huxtables stoop from the Cosby Show.  This was my favorite part of the evening.  THANK YOU MARIE.
The rooftop of the MET


Our travels were fun but I was so glad to come home.  We have one last trip planned for this weekend (Labor Day).  My little brother is getting married in Central Park on Sunday so we are headed back to NYC for a great weekend.  I hope hurricane Earl doesn't get in our way!

Hello Blog World

Hello!  I decided to take the big jump and join the blog world.  I decided it would be a good way to chronicle our lives for our family and friends especially since we are expecting our first baby in February 2011!!  Ray and I are so excited about the blessing that God has given us in this sweet child.  We already love him/her so much and we can't wait for February.