Monday, April 21, 2014


This day had so much more meaning for me this year. 

With Nora in heaven I constantly think of heaven more, much more than I ever did before. 

And I think about Jesus and what he did for us.  That he died so that we could live.  So that we could live in heaven one day.  So that Nora could live in Heaven with him.  And the great thing is that Jesus didn't just die.  That's not the end.   Because if it is then we wouldn't have any hope.  But he rose from the dead.  And that's amazing.  AMAZING.  It's even more amazing  and even more meaningful to me now.  Jesus conquered death for us.  He conquered death for Nora.  And I'm so thankful.  So thankful that he loved us so much.  That he continues to love us even now.  That he hasn't forsaken us or forgotten us.

I had this vision during worship at church yesterday.  Just a thought really about Nora and her telling me "I'm OK here mama"  "I'm happy"  "I'm with Jesus and I'm loving it"  and I cried while singing Behold our God seated on His throne.   She's experiencing that right now, every day.  She is growing up in the kingdom of Heaven.  And that must be great.  Much greater than growing up on this broken earth that I so badly wished and wanted for her and for us.    Oh how I wish I could hold her.  Oh how I anxiously await for our reunion in Heaven.  How great it will be.

Cole has been talking about Nora a lot lately.  He wants to touch our baby he says.  He likes to tell me that she was sick and that she's all better now that she's in heaven.  Such sweet truths he is learning at such a young age. 

in pj's at the cemetery.  That's just how we roll some days ;)

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