Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Happy green day from this cute guy! 

He's trying to show you his green cookie! 

Am I that cool, creative, crafty mom who makes St. Patricks Day treats for/with her kid to celebrate the day?? 


Did I make cookies because I had a craving and had all the ingredients in the pantry. 


Did I throw some green sprinkles I found in the cabinet on top last minute? 


So Happy St. Pattys Day from this spur of the moment, not creative, sometimes fun (or I like to think so) mom.  

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Disney Part 2

Here are the rest of the pictures (I did narrow them down a bit) from our fabulous Disney vacation back in January. 

We spent the next morning at Animal Kingdom.  It was a beautiful day and the warmest one of our days in Florida.
Animal kingdom is like a big zoo.  We definitely didn't spend enough time there to see everything but did some highlights!

We went on a safari ride!  Cole loves animals so this was fun for us.  


We enjoyed walking around and meeting some more characters while the guys went to ride the roller coaster Everest.   They said it was awesome.  Ray took me back to ride it and the ride broke while we were in line so I didn't get to experience the awesomeness.  BUT once it broke I wasn't about to get on it anyway :) 

We are awesome little kid ride riders don't you think!? I promise the kids were in there even though you can't see them!

Cole got a safari Mickey doll.  
loves it. 

We headed back to the hotel for lunch and a swim in the pool.  
Cole was so happy to be swimming in January!

He even joined in a hula hoop contest!

We spent a calm evening at Epcot where we ate dinner a the Nemo and Friends aquarium restaurant. 
There are not many kid friendly things to do but Cole did enjoy the boat ride in Mexico and the Nemo ride.  It was a calm evening and everyone was tired so the kids just chilled as we walked them around in the strollers. 

I do have to say as a kid I hated going to Epcot.  So. Boring. Right?!  It's much more fun now that we are adults, so now I see why my parents would make us go.   

Our last full day at Disney we went to Hollywood Studios.  

We got front row seats to the Disney Jr. show.  

Lillian and Cole had a blast seeing Mickey, donald, Sofia, Doc, & Jake.  

 We met Lightening McQueen and Mater!

We played on the Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playground and then had lunch at Hollywood & Vine.  
Great buffet lunch with all the Disney Jr. Characters.  

We met Oso, Jake, Handy Manny and more.  We got to dance with them and sing with them. 

We spent the last evening (and it was a cold one) bundled up at Magic Kingdom.  
It was a great family vacation and I can't wait to go back.