Sunday, July 24, 2011

Driving through Tennessee

We made it to Oak Ridge around lunch time today.  I cried when we got to the Tennessee state line. 

We had two cars completely filled with stuff AND the pod that is sitting in our old driveway is completely packed with the rest of our stuff! Thankfully we have sweet friends that came over to help fill the pod.  They did an AMAZING job! I was so skeptical.  I did not think everything would fit.  If you want to see just how jam packed it was, visit Kitty's blog

Phew! I'm glad the moving part is done. But sad to have left Columbia.  I see lots of unpacking and organizing in my future this week. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bed Rest Deja Vu...

My sweet sister is pregnant with twin boys and she was put on bed rest about 2 weeks ago.   So Cole and I headed up to Greenville for 3 or 4 days this past week to help out.  Laura has a 4 year old precious little girl, Kate.  I love her sooo much.  She is so energetic, fun, entertaining, and silly.  She loves princesses and drawing pictures.  She loves to play pretend.  (She did lots of pretending to be a baby and copied everything Cole was doing.)  She loves to talk.  There is not a quiet moment unless she's asleep. She loves roly poly's and we did some digging outside to find more and more and more roly poly's for her bucket.  She loves her cousin Cole and is so excited about having 2 baby brothers soon and also a little girl cousin.  I love her hugs where she wraps her feet around my waist.  I love that she crawled in my bed in the middle of the night.  I love how she sings Jesus loves Me to Cole.

I had so much fun being with them this week but let me tell you, taking care of two kids, a dog, a house, and a lady laid up on the couch is tiring!  By 2 pm every day I was exhausted!  I would sit down to read/relax and would fall asleep or I would lay down with Kate in her bed at nap time and fall asleep with her.

I told Ray how tired I was and he said, "yeah, see, it is hard taking care of someone on bed rest"  and I said, "yes, but you didn't do it with 2 kids" 
he also said.. "so are you ready for baby #2." and I quickly replied.  "No."

Taking care of two kids is definitely different than taking care of one.  I'm saying extra prayers for my friends with more than one kid.  May God give you energy every day and great rest every night.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Don't wake a sleeping baby!

My sweet baby boy is FINALLY sleeping through the night!!!!   I feel like a new woman!  The other week I slept 8 hours straight without waking up! I can't remember the last time I had done that.  (it was definitely before I was pregnant.) 

After Cole's 4 month appointment and once I was sure he was over 12 pounds I decided it was time to let him cry it out.  I couldn't bring myself to do this before this time because it just broke my heart to hear him cry and I loved rocking him to sleep.  But I was soooo tired by 4 months that it was TIME to let him cry.  I could not physically get up 3 times a night anymore just for the passy. I was feeling so frustrated and definitely felt like my baby was the ONLY baby that wouldn't sleep all night (even though I know it isn't true).  The first night I let him cry a little bit - maybe just about 10 minutes before I went in there.  The next night I let him cry about 15 min.  The third night I was going to wait until 20 minutes BUT at about 15 minutes he quit crying and went back to sleep.  It wasn't long after that when he just stayed asleep the whole time and didn't cry at all!  Just about 2 weeks ago I decided to quit his late night feeding just to see what would happen.  And he did absolutely fine.  He didn't even cry.  I really couldn't believe it. So now this kid gets put to bed about 7 or 7:30 and normally sleeps until 8 am.   PRAISE the LORD!  He answered  my prayers for rest above and beyond what I could have asked or imagined. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I said goodbye to some sweet and special friends today. 

My heart feels sad tonight.  

I've been blessed with so many wonderful, real, deep and lasting friendships here in Columbia and I am going to miss each one.   I am so thankful that the Lord gave me such wonderful friends at work and at home to live life with during my years in Columbia.  My heart is heavy as we leave but I know these friendships are forever ones. So it's not goodbye... just goodbye for right now. 

Living in Chaos

I. Hate. Moving.  
This chaotic transition we have had going for four weeks now is getting very old.  Ray has been working in TN for four weeks.  Cole and I have been here and there and other places too during these four weeks.  We are so ready to be somewhere all together.

BUT the end is in sight.  

Ray comes home tonight. The POD comes tomorrow.  Friends come Saturday morning to fill up the Pod.  By Sunday we will be all together in our little apartment in Oak Ridge.

I wish we could just pick up our house and put it in Tennessee.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Ray!

Today is Ray's 27th Birthday!  Cole and I were so happy to have him come home last night.  We missed him this week and needed some major snuggle time and play time.

We had a yummy brunch at Di Pratos this morning.

Tonight we had a yummy blueberry desert made with fresh blueberries from my grandmother's yard.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!